Photos from MCC Indonesia Projects

Most of our project photos came from Duane's peacebuilding work and are featured on either the PSPP or FPU web sites linked at the bottom of the photo index page. These photos come from two other projects.

The inter-Mennonite workcamp in 1999 brought Mennonites from the three Javanese synods together with some young people from Papua to build this bridge, linking Christian and Muslim halves of a village separated by a steep ravine with a seasonal stream.

One project near Yogyakarta was support of LESSAN, an indigenous NGO providing healthcare and small enterprise education to villagers near Yogya, but on the poor south side where land is infertile and there is little rain. Ibu Heny, standing at the board, is the director.

These villagers are participating in a LESSAN educational session on health.

Another photo of the same session.

Here the participants are dressed up for the graduation ceremony, an important part of all workshops.

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