Photos from MCC Indonesia Retreats

One of our official retreat meetings during the MCC Indonesia 2000 retreat at the Dhyana Pura Hotel on Bali. Karen Friesen, Jeff Yoder, Laura Meitzner, Clare Ann, Jim Dontje, Laura Lindell, YY Parker, Steve Parker.

Here is the Bali 2000 group plus kids. We brought two girls from Yogya to be with the children during our meetings.

Children's activities followed a vacation Bible school format on peacemaking. Children l-r: Halla, Isaac, Audrey, Katie.

In 2001 the MCC expats had their retreat on Lombok, the island east of Bali, while the national staff had theirs on Bali. Some of the expats joined the national staff for the last day of their retreat.

Pak Kris, Ibu Tari and their daughter Siti in Bali holiday dress.

The 2001 staff retreat marked Ibu Wati's retirement from MCC service after over 18 years. She began as a household helper and became the Jakarta guesthouse manager. Both her children are university graduates.

Ibu Wati making her farewell speech. We took over a restaurant for the occasion.

The Central/ South Asia MCC Country Representative Reatreat was on Bali in 2000.

Edgar and Ethel Metzler joined the CR group. He was MCC Director of International Programs.

The CR group with our MCC desk officer Ed Martin on the left. Ed was known in Indonesia as Ed yang tinggi (Ed the tall).

The MCC expat retreat in 2001 was on Lombok. Staffer Lilik graciously agreed to be the children's activities director. We were visited by a former MCC Indonesia couple on sabbatical. Things have really changed since the 60s.

The MCC Indonesia expats at their 2001 retreat.

It's traditional in Indonesia for everyone to move between photos, and to make one of the pictures less formal.

Snorkeling was one of the retreat 2001 activities. Our group had two of these boats for the excursion.

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