Our second visit to Manokwari, Papua Barat and first visit to the Kebar Valley. January 2000.

We left the Philippines January 8, overnighted in Ujung Pandung, then arrived in Jayapura, West Papua. The province has been known as Irian Jaya for over 30 years. While we were traveling Indonesian President Gus Dur renamed the province Papua, which seems to usually be Papua Barat (West Papua) to avoid confusion with Papua New Guinea, the east side of the island. After a week of meetings in Jayapura we came to Manokwari. MCCers in Manokwari live near each other. This is Laura Meitzner's house, which is a Manado style house.

Lots of things happen in the shade under the house.

Inside the house Laura M. is meeting with some of the MCC staff, Since, Meri and Tati. The subject is work in the Kebar valley.

Jim Dontje, Laura Lindell and their children Isaac, Audrey and Halla live here, in front of the Manado house.

The Kebar Valley is 70 kilometers west, and there is no road. So we go by Missionary Aviation Fellowship chartered plane.

Looking back at Manokwari.

A plantation in the forest.

This flight is old stuff for Tati, but keeps Clare Ann and Duane awake.

Another plantation.

Entering the valley.

Our target is the airstrip at Anjai, the farthest light green spot.

Pigs dug up the airstrip last night so we check to make sure it has been fixed.

A crowd meets the plane. Some to see who is arriving, others to send their peanuts to market.

The MCC house is by the airstrip. We sit on the porch for about two hours while everyone comes to visit.

The Kepala Desa (village head) visits with Laura M.

The river next to Anjai where laundry and bathing happen. The village does have a water supply for drinking and cooking.

We walk an hour west to the village of Akmuri. A new church building with a tin roof is under construction, so MCC is helping to construct a rainwater reservoir (bak) to supply the village with water to supplement the well. The supplies are kept inside the unfinished church building.

Duane and villagers inspect the well and bak frame.

The bak frame.

Duane chatting with the Kepala Desa. He and a very few others spoke Indonesian. The man in the foreground is holding a bow and arrows. The arrows are as long as the bow. Men carry these around much of the time. There are deer, wild pigs, and other game to hunt.

Touring the village.

The walk back to Anjai was muddy in spots.

The Kepala Desa of Jandurau, a village five hours away at the east end of the valley, with Clare Ann and Laura M.

The MCC house in Anjai. It has electric lights via solar cells, and running water via rainwater collection from the roof.

The office of the Klasis and new and old church buildings. We attended worship on Sunday and the four MCCers sang a quartet.

Pos Obat Desa, a group of women who distribute medicine provided through MCC.

Back to Manokwari.

The swampy east end of the valley.


Prepared by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower.

visitors since February 19, 2000.

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