Visitors to Duane and Clare Ann in Yogyakarta

Byron Remple and Heather Klassen arrived in September for orientation. They will live in Salatiga and teach at Satya Wacana. - jpg - 24916 Bytes

Byron Remple and Heather Klassen arrived from Canada in September for orientation. They will live in Salatiga and teach at Satya Wacana Christian University.

Ray Dirks - jpg - 10534 Bytes

Ray Dirks from Canada was with us in early September for a few days as he worked on developing an art exhibit for the next Mennonite World Conference session.

Heidi Paetkau - jpg - 10379 Bytes

Heidi Paetkau arrived from St. Catherines, Ontario to teach English at Duta Wacana Christian University. She stayed with us the first few days.

Joanne Dewerse Pannabecker - jpg - 9853 Bytes

Joanne Dewerse Pannabecker visited us for a few days at the end of July. She is a New Zealander who is becoming the administrative assistant to Ed Martin. She is visiting the MCC Central and South Asia programs to get acquainted.

Clare Ann with Dan and Jeanne Jantzi and their kids Ben, Paul and David - jpg - 19090 Bytes

The end of June 2001 Clare Ann's replacements arrived. Dan and Jeanne Zimmerly Jantzi will be the new MCC Country Representatives. They are shown here with their sons Ben, Paul and David.

Ron and Roxanne Claassen - jpg - 17533 Bytes

Ron and Roxanne Claassen came from Fresno by way of Vietnam and Cambodia to visit us the last week of June 2001. We dropped them off at the Yogyakarta airport and headed on to the Solo airport to pick up the Jantzis.

Joanne Brown, Lilik Setianto and Phil Brown - jpg - 14862 Bytes

Life really changed the first week of June 2001. MCC staffer Lilik Setianto moved from Jakarta to Yogya and began living in the house next to us and working in our former gudang. That same week Phil and Joanne Brown, new MCCers for Jayapura, arrived in Yogya for language study and also moved into the house next door. They and Jennifer will leave for Jayapura shortly before we head home to stay.

Jennifer Harvey, Clare Ann, Maria Linder, Tony Brown - jpg - 22136 Bytes

Maria Linder and Tony Brown from MCC Akron came for Easter weekend after doing photos and writing about MCC in West Papua.

Heidi Martens and parents. - jpg - 15699 Bytes

SALTer Heidi Martens and her parents Will and Alvie visited April 12, 2001

Jennifer Harvey - jpg - 11189 Bytes

Jennifer Harvey, a new MCCer from Iowa, arrived for orientation and language study April 11, 2001.

Jim Dontje, Laura Lindell and their children Audrey, Halla and Isaac. jpg - 19402 BytesAudrey had her fifth birthday at our house. - jpg - 18524 Bytes

Jim Dontje, Laura Lindell and their children Audrey, Halla and Isaac spent their last week in Indonesia in Yogya. They were with MCC in Papua for three years and are back in Minnesota now.

Lynn Roth and Ron Braun - jpg - 8698 BytesRon Braun and Lynn Roth at Borobudur in Central Java - jpg - 18982 Bytes

Lynn Roth of MCC East Coast and Ron Braun of MCC Central States were here twice between December 1 and 10, 2000 touring Java, having been to Papua and being on the way to Ethiopia.

Gayle Zacharias - jpg - 11663 Bytes

Gayle Zacharias was here November 22-23, 2000 having come from India on the way to Papua for MCC's Global Family program.

David Neufeld waving to Ibu Tari. - jpg - 11263 Bytes

David Neufeld, our MCC predecessor in the house, came back to Indonesia on business and visited to see how Ibu Tari, Pak Kris and the house had fared. Nov. 14, 2000.

Steve Parker - jpg - 14778 Bytes

MCCer Steve Parker was here from Bandung Nov. 3-8 meeting with other forest geneticists.

Laurie Oswald - jpg - 8972 Bytes

Laurie Oswald arrived here Nov. 1 from Newton, Kansas for Meetinghouse, the consortium of Mennonite print publications, to do stories about Indonesia. She will travel here and there for two weeks.

Jan Siemens - jpg - 12245 Bytes

Jan Siemens was here from MCC Akron October 25-28, 2000 after spending a week in West Papua with Clare Ann. She is the person charged with finding new personnel for MCC Indonesia, so needed to see the sites.

MCCer Nunus Subandi (left) and her colleagues Pi Lek and Pi Aeo from Burma Issues in Bangkok were here September 30-October 7 visiting PSPP and vacationing. - jpg - 35356 Bytes

MCCer Nunus Subandi (left) and her colleagues Pi Lek and Pi Aeo from Burma Issues in Bangkok were here September 30-October 7 visiting PSPP and vacationing.

David Armstrong - jpg - 16157 Bytes

David Armstrong, a Canadian woodcarver, was here September 30-October 2 after consulting with woodcarvers in the Jepara area for 10,000 Villages.

Kathleen Hull - jpg - 22886 Bytes

Kathleen Hull, an MCC writer, visited us September 20-21, 2000. She went through the Philippines, attended the MCC Indonesia IVEP reunion and is visiting other Asian countries on behalf of the 50th anniversary of IVEP before heading home to Canada.

Walton and Ruth McCaslin - jpg - 24269 Bytes

Walton and Ruth McCaslin arrived from Canada the week of September 10 for orientation and language study before moving to Pati (north Java) to work with a Mennonite-related organization.

Lawrence Yoder - jpg - 22770 Bytes

Lawrence Yoder came back August 14-21 to participate in the Temu Raya of the GITJ synod, which Duane's team facilitated, then returned November 7-14 for the Sidang Raya Istimewa which reunited the synod.

Myra and Steve Kemna - jpg - 27720 Bytes

Myra and Steve Kemna are newly arrived MCCers who stayed with us the first week of August 2000 for initial orientation before heading to Bandung for language study.

Lawrence and Shirlee Yoder of Harrisonburg, VA - 30490 Bytes

Lawrence and Shirlee Yoder of Harrisonburg, VA, who were with MCC Indonesia for nine years, came to meet with one of the Mennonite-related synods. They were with us June 8-10, 2000, the day after we were home together for the first time in a month.

Katie, Steve and Dawn (YY) Parker - 24444 Bytes

The week of May 15, while Duane was in Irian Jaya, new MCCers Katie, Steve and Dawn (YY) Parker arrived in Yogya for orientation before heading to Bandung for language study. They will live in Manokwari, Irian Jaya after language study.

Edgar and Ethel Metzler with Clare Ann - jpg - 33770 Bytes

Edgar and Ethel Metzler were at the MCC Country Representatives retreat and came home with us just before Duane left for West Papua May 6. Edgar is head of MCC's international programs.

Clair and Faye Brenneman and Ed Miller - jpg - 26865 Bytes

Clair and Faye Brenneman visited us with Ed Martin, our desk officer from MCC Akron. We all went to central Java the next day to visit churches and organizations.

John, Ingrid and Karen Friesen - 24320 Bytes

Karen Friesen's parents, John and Ingrid Friesen, came to visit her from Morden, Manitoba. They stopped off in Yogya on their way to Bali February 20-21, 2000.

Clare Ann with Clair and Faye Brenneman from the Jakarta office, Karen Friesen, an MCC SALTer from Morden, Manitoba currently assigned to Semarang teaching English, Pak Keris and Ibu Tari. October 4, 1999.

borgroup.jpg - 22481 Bytes

Paul and Barbara Toews from Fresno, CA, Clair Brenneman from Jakarta and John Lapp from Akron, PA shown with Clare Ann at the Borobudur temple August 16, 1999.

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