Duane and Clare Ann's
Life in California 2003

2003 in pictures

Our skiing got off to a rocky start this season. On our first outing, December 30, 2002, the sole came off one of Duane's boots. A quick repair job put us back up at Grant Grove a day later, and the sole lasted only a little longer. This photo is at Grant Grove.

Andrew draws pictures for Ashlynn in ink, then she colors them.

The twenty-something year-old skis were traded in for new ones with step-in off-trail bindings. They are really wonderful in comparison. This is just after doing the Grant Tree loop.

Emboldened by success we went to Big Meadow and had a good time on both the groomed road and, by mistake, on a very ungroomed trail off the road. This photo is at our lunch spot way off the road with no tracks ahead of us.

We had just purchased new bicycles before heading to Indonesia. Our first real ride was along the Blossom Trail west of Reedley.

We had forgotten how many loose dogs live in the country near Reedley, but the trees were beautiful and the day was nice.

Clare Ann was installed as pastor of Zion Congregational Church May 4.

Zoo night for Fresno Pacific University is an annual event, but this is the first time we went. Most of the animals were in their houses, but we got to see the buffalo.

Sunny the FPU Sunbird was strolling around the grounds, being glad he wasn't caged.

Face painting is an interesting thing in that the painted person never gets to see him or her self.

Wearing her heart on her cheek.

In September we hiked the Dinkey Lakes loop

The hike is at around 9,000 feet elevation and rocky.

It was dry by this time of year.

Dinkey Lake is a typical Sierra Nevada lake. The sky was very blue.

If the sky isn't a deep blue, adjust your monitor.

Rather than backpacking we slept in the Eurovan camper. That allowed us to cover a lot more territory and feel strong at the end of the day.
Andrew taking Ashlynn to school October 2003
Hot air balloon Root Beer Float landing on Laureen Ave. Just north of Sierra Ave. in Fresno. So far, so good.
Root Beer Float just after the safe landing narrowly missing house and car.
The crew had obviously done this before.
Landing on the street is tricky enough, now to deflate the balloon without breaking anything.
Mirror Meadow and the small wide spot in the creek. This used to be Yosemite's Mirror Lake
Clare Ann on what used to be the rock in the middle of Yosemite's Mirror Lake which one had to wade to in years past.
Our Eurovan camper in Lower Pines campground in Yosemite with Half Dome in the background.
Yosemite Falls with no water, September 2003
Halloween 2003. Autumn, Ashlynn and Andrew. Yes, Ashlynn's makeup got all over everything.
Ashlynn and Andrew Christmas 2003
Christmas Eve 2003 at the Ruth-Heffelbowers'. Andrew, Chuck Bohn, Stella Bohn, Katharine Dettweiler, Clare Ann.
Baking Christmas cookies 2003. Clare Ann, Ashlynn and Ashlynn's great-grandmother Dorothy from Pennsylvania for the holidays.
Ashlynn and her new bike, Christmas morning 2003
Ashlynn getting ready for her first ride on the new bike, Christmas 2003.
Ashlynn riding her Christmas bicycle

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