We are Christians of many nationalities and denominational backgrounds, bound together by our need or desire to worship in English in the midst of an Indonesian speaking community.

In mid 1995 a group of Indonesian ministers and other Christians began to meet for the purposes of prayer and fellowship. Recognizing the need for an English speaking worship service, Yogyakarta International Congregation was formed and weekly worship service began in November 1995.

Participating speakers are Christian ministers and lay people who live in Yogyakarta, or may be visiting the area. Careful attention is given when choosing speakers to ensure that they represent the mainstream of Christianity, however speakers vary in denominational and / or theological backgrounds, thereby contributing a unique diversity to our fellowship.

There is no official membership at YIC. This enables participants to retain membership in their home churches. We view each other as fellow members of the Body of Christ; as such, we seek to build up this international, interdenominational congregation. Call for information 081227440134 or email: cartalyn@ugm.ac.id