The mission of Yogyakarta International Congregation (YIC) is to help meet the spiritual needs of expatriate families, tourists and those interested in attending an English Language worship service.

Goals of the International Congregation
  • Providing Christ-centered and biblically-based worship

  • Celebrating our differences and common beliefs as Christians

  • Nurturing believers through fellowship, worship and teaching

  • Affirming each other in the faith

  • Learning from one another

  • Seeking to gain mutual understanding


What We Believe

The following statements of faith and commitment express what we believe to be central to our lives as Christians.

  • We commit ourselves to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

  • We trust Him for forgiveness and for new life in His kingdom.

  • We seek to obey Him and do His will.


Expressions of our commitment to Christ and His Church

... The Bible ...
We take the Bible as our rule for faith and life. We attempt to study the scriptures faithfully and seek the Holy Spiritís guidance in understanding Godís Word.
... The Church ...
We will participate in the worship, fellowship and service of the Body of Christ and will support our sisters and brothers in their faith.
... Witnessing...
As the Scripture commands, we are witnesses of Jesus Christ seeking that both our lives and our words tell of the Good News.
... Personal Growth...
We covenant to grow as children of God, seeking to mature in specific ways toward the full stature of Jesus Christ.
... Service...
Just as Jesus did, we seek to love in all our relationships with all persons groups, races, and nations.
... Stewardship...
We place our resources under Godís direction believing that He is the provider of our needs. We joyfully give of your time and resources to God and His Church.
... Prayer...
We seek to commune with God through regular prayer to experience fellowship with God and direction for our lives and relationships with others.