Duane and Clare Ann Ruth-Heffelbower lived in Indonesia from August 3, 1999 through December 11, 2001

These pictures are from our life there.

At Home in Yogyakarta

Church -related

MCC -related

We were in Indonesia under Mennonite Central Committee. These MCC pages include people and things related to MCC that don't particularly fit anywhere else.

Touring Java

Touring Bali

Touring Lombok

Touring Sulawesi

Touring West Papua / Irian Jaya

Travels in Asia and Oceania

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Duane's Professional Work in Indonesia originally on the Fresno Pacific University server.

Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana Pusat Studi dan Pengembangan Perdamaian web site. Photo reports of all PSPP activities were listed on this site until it was redesigned in 2006. Those reports now reside on the Peacemaking.com Web site.

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